The Problem With Building Something Smarter Than Us Is...

It's Smarter Than Us.

Explore the boundaries of science and humanity in this award-winning sci-fi thriller


"Clonedroid: The New Wave...has excellent tension and a big crunchy question to engage readers..."

"Cate Bronson has done a fine job crafting accessibility in a plot...Abe's point of view is by far the most vivid stance for the story and most entertaining...Bronson occupies solid storytelling technique and avoids many aspects that plague novelists early in their career. She stays faithful to her techniques and the plot rewards those who pay careful attention from the start...I applaud Bronson's efforts here..."

~Writer's Digest 

"Clonedroid: The New Wave…is really tremendous…heavy duty sci-fi…It’s the kind of thing that Robin Cook has in his books. Wow…This book is a real thriller…There’s a clock involved, time ticking down. I love sci-fi and it took half the day for me to read because I had to ignore everything else, and it’s Cate Bronson’s first sci-fi novel. It is classic hard sci-fi and it is a wonderful book. It’s the first of what I have a feeling will be a wonderful series…Forget the laundry, I want another book. It’s really exciting. I’m telling you, Clonedroid is a thriller! You have to read it! It’s wonderful!"

~Patzi Gil of Joy on Paper, a syndicated radio program for writers

“Bronson’s clever, high-tech tale exposes a possible future where the fine line between human and A.I. is frighteningly thin. Clonedroid is a well-timed premonition and a warning, much like Ian Malcolm's famous line from Jurassic Park.”

~Bria Burton, Award-Winning Author


“I do believe Bronson is onto a winning character in Prototype 2112…This novel kept me turning the pages to know what happened next…By the end of the book, I realized we only had a glimpse of this newly-imagined creature, and that left me wanting more…I certainly hope his tale continues. Well done!”          

~L.K. Simonds, Author of ALL IN