Cate Bronson is a Canadian-American, award-winning science fiction author. As a political science graduate and investment accountant turned writer of speculative thrillers and narrative nonfiction, she has authored stories and articles for a variety of publications. In 2018, she became a contributing author with Chicken Soup for The Soul. And in 2020, the Florida Authors and Publishers Association awarded her novel, Clonedroid: The New Wave, as a gold medal winner of Adult Science Fiction in the President’s Book Awards. Cate has also achieved recognition with Writer's Digest, receiving an award of honorable mention for her mainstream/literary short story A Bit More Than We Could Chew.

Her love for science and fiction began as a child after watching Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek series and later Carl Sagan's Cosmos. That fascination grew with exposure to the works of Isaac Asimov, Ayn Rand, Aldous Huxley, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, and Michael Crichton. Her writing reflects these influences, along with her love for philosophy and passion for exploring what makes the cosmos and everything in it tick. 

Cate's storytelling embraces several mediums: novellas, novels, nonfiction books, and articles. Her newest release is the hard science fiction novel Clonedroid: The New Wave, a near-future, high-tech thriller that focuses on the dilemmas of playing God and the challenges that face our global societies today. Her shorter fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies.

On the lighter side, her nonfiction centers closer to home, focusing on family and devotion to animal welfare, primarily greyhound rescue. Nonfiction articles Going Grey and A Lifelong Underdog Finally Goes Home A Winner published in two issues of a mainstream periodical. 

As a member of the Florida Writers Association, Cate helps out as a critique partner, assisting writers interested in mastering their craft. She also participates in the annual "Mayor's Youth Showcase of Achievement Awards" as a literary judge. 

Cate lives in Florida with her husband and two adopted greyhounds. She is currently working on Clonedroid: The Next Wave and a new action thriller series in the supernatural realm, along with her first book about life with rescue dogs. She is also finalizing edits to her narrative nonfiction, Blue Mountain, an epic story about a family that faces adversity and tragedy while chasing a rustic dream in depression-era and wartime Canada.


When she is not writing, Cate spends time reading in the sunshine while giant hounds lounge by her side.