Designed to be a lucrative medical product, Abe (a cloned human with an android’s brain) is humanity’s crowning achievement. He is also an intelligent, sentient being. And, he is about to be killed.


The company that created Abe has big plans for their prototype (clonedroid 2112). However, Abe has a different vision of the future. Capable of more than anyone realizes, he executes plans of his own. Now, the race is on. Let the countdown begin… 

Written in a classic style with a modern feel, this hard sci-fi novel unfolds at a rapid pace to explore the consequences of combining human cloning with artificial intelligence while exploring the pitfalls of playing God. 


This novel is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions.

Blue Mountain is a story about a family that lives on the road, lives on the run, lives on practically nothing to chase a rustic dream. They are triumphant in many ways but their losses are substantial, and in some cases, far too high. This tale offers one wild adventure after another through times and places long since devoured by progress. It is also a remarkable tale about love, faith, and a small family’s struggle to conquer immense odds.  
In this epic nonfiction journey, a depression-era family faces adversity and tragedy in remote regions of Canada. It is a fantastic journey from the first line to the last, where the truest events are also the most unbelievable. This is a story where reality rivals fiction.
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Author Cate Bronson

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